Top 10 Car Phone Mounts – Spring 2015

New devices mean new accessories. If you’ve recently upgraded to a new phone, it’s time to upgrade your accessories as well. Maybe you’ve never used a car mount but want one. Regardless of your situation, this review features the Top 10 car phone mounts found on



iOttie HLCRIO102 One-Touch Windshield Mount – $19.99

The iOttie One-Touch windshield mount features an extra-large suction cup and one-touch mounting for quick-and-easy installations. Pros: the iOttie offers 360-degree rotation and the ability to mount on the windshield or dashboard. Cons: customers have experienced issues with poor adhesion to surfaces.

Customer Reviews: 8,514

Star Rating: 4 ½ out of 5


iOttie Easy One-Touch Car Mount – $24.99

This iOttie offers one-touch adhesion and a separate two-step locking mechanism that allows for connections to multiple surfaces. Pros: telescopic arm adjusts two inches toward your face. Cons: consumers consistently see residue on the dashboard after removal.

Customer Reviews: 1,719

Star Rating: 4 ½ out of 5



iOttie One-Touch XL Car Mount – $19.99

This iOttie device offers one-touch adhesion, a wide cradle for larger phones and phablets, and 360-degree rotating head. Pros: quick connection, one-touch release, and strong adhesion. Cons: some larger devices don’t actually fit and the suction cup leaves a residue on the dashboard.

Customer Reviews: 3,562

Star Rating: 4 out of 5


Iphone 6-installation

iMagnet Cradle-less Car Mount – $22.99

The iMagnet is the least obtrusive car phone mount you’ll find. Powerful magnets on a ball mount firmly hold your phone in place, while allowing you to adjust your viewing angle with precision. Switching from landscape to portrait view could be easier. Pros: low profile and precise adjustments. Cons: struggles to hold larger devices consistently.

Customer Ratings: 2,005

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5


Koomus Air Vent Universal Car Mount – $15.99

Koomus minimizes visual distractions by mounting your smartphone at ideal heights in your dashboard air vents. Pros: 360-degree rotating head, push-in phone connection. Cons: does not fit all car vents, clamp is hard to release, and phones wiggle while driving.

Customer Ratings: 1,139

Star Rating 4 out of 5



TechMatte MagGrip Vent Car Mount – $9.99

This might be the lowest-profile mount available. A small, powerful magnet clips into your air vent and holds your phone firmly in place. Pros: low profile, ability to view phone in portrait and landscape orientation. Cons: consumers have issues with clip staying in the vent.

Customer Ratings: 120

Star Rating: 4 ½ out of 5



Mountek nGroove Universal CD-Slot Mount – $24.95

This is the latest version of the nGroove CD-slot mount, with no rubber grips to leave residue on your dashboard. Pros: mounts at perfect viewing levels, wide grip, and 360-degree rotation. Cons: device won’t stay in CD slot and many are poorly made, according to consumers.

Customer Ratings: 3,684

Star Rating: 4 ½ out of 5


TaoTronics TT-SH02 Universal Mount – $24.99

The TT-SH02 features a new, powerful suction cup and a safe mounting arm that holds your phone securely in place. It can be mounted on your dashboard or windshield, and offers 360-degree rotations. Pros: easy installation and firm grip on phone. Cons: suction cup wears out quickly and often comes detached.

Customer Ratings: 2,018

Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5


Kenu Airframe – $24.95

The pocket-sized Kenu installs easily and does not hinder visibility in your vehicle. The stand swivels 360-degrees and cradles phones with screens up to 5”. Pros: 360-degree rotation, easy installation, no suction cups to leave residue. Cons: does not stay in place in vents and does not securely hold all phones.

Customer Ratings: 1,273

Star Rating: 4 out of 5


Koomus CD-Air-Slot Mount – $24.99

This Koomus model features easy installation, 360-degree rotation for landscape and portrait viewing, and the flexibility to install in the CD slot, air vent, or dashboard space. Pros: flexible mounting options, 360-degree rotation. Cons: does not fit all CD slots and does not hold all smartphones.

Customer Ratings: 481

Star Rating: 4 out of 5


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